Born and raised in Ghana and currently living in the United States, Patrick has explored the confrontation upon his identity living in a new culture and environment. This inquiry has led him down the path of self-discovery through the interwoven history of his home country Ghana and the Western world. Within its colonial past, post-colonial identity and the contemporary collision of cultures that exist in the present Ghanaian space, its impact on him first and generally on many persons alike becomes his view finder. Patrick regards this as a hybrid identity. Thus, one that merges histories and experiences and evolves a unique third personality or character. The hybrid exists as two fronts of meaning existing within a given space. His interest is to investigate the various complexities that compose the modern history of social evolution as a continuous process influenced by political, social, historical and immediate cultural expression.

For Patrick, this experience creates an opportunity to merge cultures, acculturate ideas and create a cultural dialogue; a hybrid culture. Through creating this dialogue with his works, Patrick identifies the hybrid as a subtle identity that is usually unnoticed yet resonates as a cultural reformation that lends itself to transculturalism, universalism and cultural conflicts. Patrick employs a juxtaposition of the traditional Western style of painting with African print fabrics as a metaphor to engage the dialogue of cultural hybrid and to compose an imagery that references the merging point of both cultures.